Intro 14:10 Overview 10:36 Ezekiel Chapter 37 10:52 Ezekiel Chapter 36 31:10 Ezekiel Chapter 35 21:57
This is a message which I gave on October 2, 2004 at Believers In Grace Fellowship in Marion, Iowa, led by Pastor Bill Randles. It examines the end-time prophecies of the book of Ezekiel, specifically regarding the Israel/Arab conflict and how God will resolve it.

Because it's a lengthy message, I've broken it up into five audio segments. However, I recommend listening from the beginning.

Many people who study the Bible are now focusing on Ezekiel 38-39, but these chapters describe events now in progress and which I believe will be fulfilled before the prophecies of chapters 38-39 occur.

To supplement the audio, here's a Flash presentation which summarizes the final chapters of Ezekiel.

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